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Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church on Honolulu, HI
 What's Happening at Prince of Peace...


Pastor and Marilyn Hamada will be on the Mainland from June 25 thru July 13. In Pr. Hamada's absence, Pr. Dale Burke, recently retired Chaplain at Hawaii Pacific University and former pastor of Christ Lutheran, Mililani, will be preaching on Sunday, July 2. On July 9, Pr. J.P. Sabbithi, the Director of Hospice Hawaii, will lead worship. Pr. JP has an interesting background with the Lutheran Church in India and how his family became prominent in the Lutheran Church there. Prince of Peace is blessed to have two such dynamic and inspiring preachers to lead worship in the absence of the Hamadas. 

HE IS RISEN!!!...New Members Received on Easter...

Eleven new members were received on Easter Sunday, April 16, as the Congregation reaffirmed their own memberships with the Apostles' Creed. Pictured (l to r: Doris Justis, Dr. Neil Adams, Nick and Mona Ruckman, Shirley and Oscar Suen, Ricardo Trimillos, and Baki Thomas. Sheila Sherlock and Deloris Andrews were not present because of other commitments and Ron Hoakland was received posthumously (He died of heart failure two weeks prior but wanted to be a member of Prince of Peace.). Pastor Hamada is seated because he had hip surgery that week. Additional photos are provided by Lucile Greco.

NOISY OFFERING - Hospice Hawaii's Camp for Children ...

The "Noisy Offering" for May/June will be given to Hospice Hawaii to provide scholarships to children and teens who are experiencing the loss of a loved one. Ka Pilina Pulama Family Camp is set for June 9 - 11 at Queen Liliuokalani Children's Center. Hospice Hawaii  honors our Island heritage and believes we are connected to the land, the heavens, and each other. POP is honored to be a partner in Hospice Hawaii's ministry to grieving children...

BAKE SALE!... Burn the Mortgage but Not the Cookies... 

The Task Force on Debt Reduction hosted a Bake Sale in January to reduce the balance of the mortgage that Prince of Peace has with the ELCA's Mission Investment Fund. When Prince of Peace purchased the property at Eaton Square, the congregation asked the Mission Investment Fund to underwrite a loan of around $500,000. At the end of December 2016, the balance remaining was about $85,000. Because the original pledge period has elapsed, the congregation has elected to continue to request "free-will" gifts to reduce the debt and friends of Prince of Peace have continued to help.
     Pictured are Karen Foissotte and Paul Larish encouraging members of POP to help "Burn the Mortgage but Not the Cookies" in a Bake Sale in January. The sale raised about $2500 to help with paying off our loan balance. Last year, the Task Force held a Rummage Sale which raised about $800. So, slowly but surely, POP is working to get out of debt.
    Thanks to Lucile Greco for the additional photos...

FOLLOW ME - A Call to Die. A Call to Live... 

When you've left worship, have you ever asked yourself, "Is this all there is? Shouldn't there be something more?..."

In his New York Times' Best Seller, Pastor David Platt raises those questions and issues a challenge to today's church in a work reminiscent of Soren Kierkegaard and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The Men of Prince of Peace invite all men to explore and discuss those questions and in their new study.
     What: A book study on David Platt's "Follow Me - A call to die. A call to live."
     When:  Wednesday afternoons, 2 pm
     Where: Room 208, Eaton Square, 438 Hobron Lane
     Facilitators: The Men of Prince of Peace
     For More Information, Call: 808-551-2596 (Pr. Hamada), 808-551-3117 (His Boss...)


The Women of Prince of Peace have been discovering a lot about who the historical Jesus was and, as a result, are learning more about the Biblical Jesus of faith...

In his easy-to-read style Philip Yancey leads the reader to a new and deeper appreciation of whom Christians so glibly proclaim is the "Son of God." Understanding more about Judaism and history has led the Women of Prince of Peace to understand the Bible and who this Messianic figure we call "Jesus" is. Lively discussion, good food, and deep fellowship have become the standard for this weekly study group.
     What: A book study on Philip Yancey's "The Jesus I Never Knew"
     When:  Wednesdays, 12 Noon (LUNCH IS PROVIDED...)
     Where: Room 208, Eaton Square, 438 Hobron Lane
     Facilitator:The Women of Prince of Peace
     For More Information, Call: 808-551-2596 (Pr. Hamada), 808-551-3117 (Marilyn Hamada)

WHY PRAY?....if God knows everything... 

You're invited to explore what happens when we pray...

Philip Yancey approaches his explorations of prayer as a pilgrimage and not a "how to" book. He uses real life incidents and experiences of those for whom prayer has made a difference. He raises many questions and allows the reader to find answers for her/him self. For those who want "pat" answers, this is not the course for you. But, if you want to discover what prayer can be, please join us on Tuesday nights.
     What: A book study on Philip Yancey's "Prayer, Does It Make Any Difference?"
     When:  Tuesday nights, 6 pm
     Where: Room 208, Eaton Square, 438 Hobron Lane
     Facilitator: Randy Moser
     For More Information, Call: 808-551-2596 (Pr. Hamada), 808-551-3117 (His Boss...)


Prince of Peace again joined congregations of the ELCA in our denomination's annual day of service, God's Work, Our Hands on Sunday, September 11. POP members helped with general cleanup, minor repairs, painting, and sorting clothing at Youth Outreach, a service of Hale Kipa, which works with homeless teens in Waikiki.  POP's  GWOH project this year was a repeat of  the past two years. Youth Outreach director, Alika Campbell, expressed his thanks for POP's continued help and especially for the July/August "Noisy Offering" of about $400.
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