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Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church on Honolulu, HI

 The Mission of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Waikiki…



Lutheran church Worship on Honolulu, HI
A part of the mission of Prince of Peace in Waikiki since its inception has been to minister to visitors to these beautiful Islands of Hawaii. Worship and a congregational “home away from home” has been a strength of Prince of Peace.

But, the primary mission of the congregation has been to serve the community of Waikiki. Very early in its ministry Prince of Peace reached children with various television programs and “Capt. Norm” (Pastor Hammer) and “Miss Milly” (Parish Worker, Milly Christopherson) were well-recognized “stars” in Honolulu. Prince of Peace was handing out McDonalds vouchers to the homeless long before the “peanut butter ministry” of the Institute of Human Services (HIS) began its work. In the 1980s under the leadership of Pastor James Keller, POP was a prominent provider of services and support to single mothers and abused women. 

After the "loss" of the "Penthouse Church" on Lewers in 1998, Pastor Nicholas Christoff continued and maintained the ministry to visitors to the Islands in various hotels in Waikiki. In 2011, Pastor Hamada succeeded Dr. Christoff and the Church Council decided to focus on  mission as well as worship and that focus has resulted in the need and purchase of the new mission and worship center at Eaton Square in 2014. With our new mission center, Prince of Peace has expanded the ministry and reached into the community and out to the world by living out a faith which is active in God's love...


Ministry in Word and Sacrament have been at the core of Worship at Prince of Peace and our message has consistently proclaimed that “Christ has died; Christ has risen; and Christ will come again.”

The people of Prince of Peace have been taught that the Sacraments are demonstrations of God’s Grace as commanded by Christ with the use of the earthly elements of Water and Bread and Wine.

Service is also understood as a form of proclamation of God’s love and grace. Prince of Peace has served our Lord and Savior by providing for Wounded Warriors at the Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe (photo on the right), providing Christmas gift cards to Foster Teenagers, supported the Hungry and Homeless through Angel Network of Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church and One Pot, One Hope at Maluhia Lutheran Church in Waianae.  And, POP participated in the ELCA's Day of Service, "God's Work, Our Hands," by feeding the hungry in Waikiki and helping homeless teens through Youth Outreach in Waikiki (photo at right).

The Holy Spirit has empowered Prince of Peace to move beyond Waikiki and Hawaii and to think internationally. POP has raised over $400 to the ELCA Malaria Project. In the past two years, POP has worked with the Hukilau Conference of Hawaii Lutheran Churches by spearheading a project to raise funds to buy mattress covers for hospitals in Africa and to pay for the operation of Benedetta, a helper in an African hospital, who was severely injured by a bomb planted in a suitcase at the hospital. In this past year, moved by the refugee crisis in Europe, Prince of Peace contacted a German pastor, Rev. Harmut Barsnick, who coordinated efforts for POP to work with a Lutheran congregation in Kroppenstedt, Germany, to help Near Eastern refugees resettle and be retrained. The photo at the right shows the German congregation hosting a Christmas party for the children.
Worship on Honolulu, HI


Worship on Honolulu, HI
Biblical literacy has long been a concern of Prince of Peace and there is a concern and desire in the congregation to provide Bible studies and Small Group ministries to help members understand and apply Scripture more effectively in their lives. With the mission and worship center, Prince of Peace has been enabled to initiate several ministries to explore and deepen their personal faith.

As an outreach to the community, Dr. Chuck Block introduced a class called "Cranium Crunchers" to help people (mainly Seniors) maintain mental acuity through a series of "brain games" (See photo on the left).
The women of Prince of Peace have had studies on Philip Yancey's "What's So Amazing About Grace," Fr. Richard Rohr's "Falling Upward," and Yancey's "The Jesus We Never Knew." Meanwhile the men have studied John Ortberg's "If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat," "Falling Upward," "What's So Amazing About Grace," Ortberg's "Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them," Rabbi Harold Kushner's "How Good Do You Have to Be?" and are beginning a study on the New York Times Best-Seller, "Follow Me" by Pr. David Platt. A Tuesday night co-ed study has completed a study on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's "Cost of Discipleship" and are currently discussing Yancey's book, "Prayer."

A "pilot" class on the Alpha Series was conducted last Fall and an invitation to the neighborhood will be made for a Spring program of Alpha. Alpha is an outreach program begun in England and has been very successful in reaching people disillusioned with the institutional church and seeing the church in a new and positive light... Due to a busy Spring schedule the Alpha program for this Spring has been cancelled and will resume in the Fall.
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